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building and testing the sailboat

Anya was built for an experienced yachtsman who wanted a beautiful sailboat with a timeless design, achieved by combining modern and classic features. Most importantly, the boat had to facilitate safe and effective sailing in versatile waters all over the world.

Lengthy ocean passages have proven that Anya fulfils all of the owner�s demands � Anya has all the properties for realising successful and challenging ocean sailing.

High-quality Finnish sailboats have become a concept all around the world. In Finland, skilful craftmanship in boat building is represented by, for example, Nautor, that has built Svan-boats for decades, as well as Baltic, Nauticat and Seafinn, whose vessels sail worldwide. Boats built at the Seafinn boatyard are always custom made according to the wishes of the buyer. Every commission comprises project management, design, construction and required purchases. The boatyard also installs all equipment purchased by the customer.

The most challenging project taken on by the boatyard was building Seafinn 80, a yacht whose construction was completed in 1999. The client, an experienced yachtsman, had spent years developing ideas for a sailboat to match his needs. His plans aimed at creating a boat that would facilitate easy, comfortable and safe sailing in all waters around the world. Providing the vessel with properties suitable for cold water sailing was also emphasized in the design process. The client�s intention was to sail to the outskirts of the world � to such extreme destinations as the Arctic regions and Antarctica. As a further safety measure, the boat was constructed according to guidelines approved by the Lloyd�s Register and construction was monitored by officials. Consequently, S/Y Anya has both Lloyd�s classification and CE approval. In addition to the abovementioned excellent safety and sailing properties, the client expected the boat to have sufficient living space for corporate function guests. The objective was to facilitate a serving a proper dinner for up to ten persons, after which the guests could proceed to the upper lounge, where all seats offer a 360� view.

As the vessel was also meant for sailing in extremely cold conditions, the design included an indoor wheelhouse or pilothouse. The indoor wheelhouse has complete steering and navigation equipment. This enables the boat to be steered and navigated from the indoors, although managing the sails happens out of doors. One of the owner�s wishes was that the vessel may easily be sailed without a professional crew � in other words, sailing and manoeuvring can be carried out by one person.

The vessel�s autonomy period was set at four months, which means that the boat can be at sea with a normal crew for four months without stopping for supplies and refuelling. Consequently, Anya has two of every central piece of equipment, for example, two main engines, two propellers, two independent autopilots, two separate rudder steering pumps, two radars, two stationary GPS units, 3 depth sounders, 2 separate navigation computers controlling the autopilot, two anchors with around 170 meter chains, 3 separate indoor heating systems, 2 air conditioning systems, etc.

Anya was launched in the summer of 1998, and the required test sailing was completed during the summer. In the autumn of 1999 Anya sailed from Finland to England and on to the Canary Islands. While crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Anya took part in the ARC sailing contest along with 237 other vessels. Anya was the second boat to cross the finish-line. The first competitor to finish was a Whitbread sailing boat with a professional crew. Having sailed the Caribbean, Anya headed south towards Venezuela and Rio Orinoco, a jungle river, along which Anya sailed as far as the sailing data allowed. Upon arrival at its destination, Anya found out that only three leisure yachts had ever sailed this far up the river. To conclude the trip, Anya headed back home via the Lesser Antilles, the Azores and Lisbon. The total mileage of the trip was around 20 000.

The objective of Anya�s next journey was to sail as far north as any Finnish sailboat in the past. Her course ran along the West coast of Norway towards the Barents Sea, with an intended landing at Bear Island, an island situated in the middle of the Barents Sea. From here, she would proceed northward as long as possible, crossing the point of 80 � latitude and continue to Magdalene Fjord in Spitsbergen. All of the abovementioned objectives were achieved and Anya returned to Finland after about two months of continuous round-the-clock sailing.

All of Anya�s considerably lengthy and demanding (test)runs were very successful � all objectives were achieved without virtually any problems. Today, all the minor flaws noted during these trips have been corrected, and Anya is in better shape than any boat fresh out of the boatyard � in other words, Anya is ready for any kind of sailing anywhere in the world.
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